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I'm a 17-year-old Italian student with a passion for software programming and system administration. Here are the languages I code in most of the time.


Java is the most recent language I have learned. I mainly use it to code IRC bots (using PircBotX), websites (with Play Framework), Minecraft plugins and other utilities.


I mostly use PHP to make websites. I often use Symfony3 as the framework for my websites, as I like its MVC architectural pattern and it helps with many of the features an ordinary website would require.


As a Linux user, I use Bash for most of the tasks that need to be performed on my servers.

Other languages

Other accessory languages include HTML, CSS, Javascript, TCL and Scala.


Here are the projects I contribute(d) to and/or am fond of.


Free IRC bouncers


Gaming & TeamSpeak community


Here is some information about me.

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